SONIDO OBSCURO (Spanish/Latin America)

Desde Amsterdam (y huyendo de la hipocrecía americana de Los Angeles) nos sorprende el proyecto del "Reverendo" Damon Fries -ingeniero de sonido de los Xymox y guitarrista de Boudoir - con un disco muy superior al último de los Clan , tanto por la esencia musical como por las líricas, los cuales acercan el sonido de Jesus Complex al de los gigantescos Wumpscut . Cabe señalar además que las líricas de I Woke Up Dead se centran en la desgarradora actitud del ser humano, cuestionándose su papel en este mundo y los extremos en los que este se desenvuelve, mientras la voz de Damon se encuentra enteramente programada para que suene de esa forma, motivo por el cual a veces se pueda comparar con los mexicanos de Hocico , por ejemplo. La fuerza con la que empieza el disco nos trajo a la mente los sonidos de los In Strict Confidence , aunque el estilo de Jesus Complex sea un poco más digerible, al menos eso se demuestra en esta joya musical de los últimos meses, en el cual el sonido EBM se mezcla con el Electrodark más oscuro, como en el primer track "No Hope No Desire" en el cual el genio de Damon Fries se pone de manifiesto al igual que en la siguiente "Blind Faith" con una lírica más que perturbadora y por momentos casi no entendibles. Las similitudes musicales con Covenant se muestran en "Vital Signs" y en los casi seis minutos de "Death"s Door" (con la inclusión de violín) aunque -claro está- con una voz mejor elaborada, el cual da paso a la dramática "End Of The Line" , esta vez con la incorporación de guitarras!. "Nothing Can Hurt You" tiene como novedad la incorporación de coros femeninos a cargo de Ala Sharon , para proseguir con "Build Them Up Let Them Fall" y "Fields Of Light" . El penúltimo track,"Lost In Sleep" , tiene como invitado en las vocales al vocalista de Xymox, Ronny Moorings en una vena más dance para terminar con la trepidante y ochentera "You Must Die" , gran final !. Si deseas hacerte de un gran disco con letras importantes debes poseer entre tus manos el presente, el cual ya demuestra el tope siniestro en el mismo booklet el cual muestra a un niño bebiendo de una botella algo de "agua santa".

"Greetings from the dead" is de 2de release van dit eenmansproject uit Nederland, na "I woke up dead". Damon Fries is de man achter Jesus Complex. Het geluid van snoeiharde beats, op ritmische wijze begeleid door bombastische gitaren en gestoorde vocals: het klinkt niet vreemd in de oren, om niet te zeggen dat het al zo vele keren voordien werd gedaan. Maar toch, om onverklaarbare redenen, klinkt het project ergens fris en nieuw. Misschien omdat deze heer er echt in slaagt de juiste middenweg te vinden tussen de beats en de gitaar? Iets waar vele bands naar zoeken maar eindeloos de mist in gaan? Misschien ook door de tracks die bij momenten zeer eenvoudig doch fenomenaal bombastisch klinken? Wat de reden ook is: Jesus Complex slaagt erin deze crossover te brengen zoals ik het graag hoor. Om zeker in de gaten te houden!

Next up was Jesus Complex, a project by Damon Fries (Clan of Xymox, Boudoir). The music is deep, dark and depressive, but very danceable at the same time. Despite the danceability, the audience didn’t move much but that might have been because it was still early. Their act consists of a video compilation, mostly showing dead or tortured human beings, in hellish surroundings. It was quite a nice contrast to see the singer standing their in a monk’s outfit with a huge cross hanging from his neck.


Never judge a book by its cover is a proberb that applies equally well to CDs. The appallingly cliche-ridden artwork for this disc features tombstones, graveyards, an innocent child and dark, stormy clouds that threaten to rain forever. But once you're past this, you'll find ten tracks of the kind of well written, well produced goth-electro that I am an absolute lie down sucker for. The COX connection is deeper than the artwork. Damon Fries (COX sound) is the man behind the band while Ronny Moorings (COX vocals) features on the track "Lost in Sleep". Even with this heavy influence, the disk doesn't have much of a Xymox feel and is probably closer to industrial than goth, especially given the breathy, distorted vocals which seem to form a common link between each track. Three tracks really stand out: "Nothing Can Hurt You" is probably the best track and features beautiful female vocals, while "No Hope No Desire" and "Fields Of Light" should be absolutely huge at clubs. You know what else I like about this disc? They haven't loaded it up with filler crap just to use up the entire surface area of the disc. Forty minutes of 'quality' leaves eighty minutes of 'quantity' for dead, every time. This album fits neatly on one side of a C-90 cassette. If you like the goth-electro-angst thing, look out for this one. 9/ 10 - Jay


(Translation- thanks Ania and Igor!) Jesus Complex is a solo project by Damon Fries, an American who currently resides in Amsterdam and is also helping Ronny Moorings with acoustics during concerts. He is also responsible for developing computer effects for other projects and most likely his weakness to EBM was an inspiration for this project. Music from "I woke up dead" is a combination of popular sounds of "dark electro" and "dark wave" which are known from projects like Clan of Xymox. The electronica style is very original and creative, definately not a reproduction, but the guitar parts are just like those songs of the Clan. It's possible that the leader of Clan of Xymox had a tremendous impact on Damon and his work. You can clearly hear that Clan of Xymox and other Dutch musicians are well known and dear to Damon. In the song "Lost in Sleep" you can hear the voice of Ronny. I believe the album "I woke up dead" should appeal to people with independent dark tastes and soul. Since these days in Poland the "After Show Party" are more and more popular the music of Jesus Complex would be over powering if given a chance. In my opinion the best dancing pieces are the dynamic "Death's Door", "Fields of Light" and last on the album "You Must Die". Another factor of this album to point out is the psychedelic lyrics, which make a listener actually listen and analyze. Pain and death are often used as subjects by many artists in this case shown through nightmares, grief after loosing a close person and revenge, which create a horror like atmosphere. I assure you that all lyrics in this album are intelligent and worth exploring.

STARVOX (English)

When you flip the booklet open and there's a child happily drinking from a bottle of holy water through a coloured stripy straw it at least grabs your interest. (note: reviewer fails to realise that is a of Damon at 3 years old!) So the work of the coyly named Reverend Damon Fries, guitarist with Boudoir, and Xymox soundman, is what exactly? Electro-Industrial, did I hear you cry? You're right. It's a very good album. Although I have to return shortly to one major quibble, which I often find in this area, the main thing is that the songs work, yet with little in the way of massive diversions in tone. It's all fairly tensile and aggravated, it's all decidedly grim, and doesn't have shattering turns of speed. It shies well away from the predictable end, being maybe more Ind than Elec, but the songs are full bodied and full blooded, where each track teems with life and repeated plays make you happier with this diseased wreck for company. Stand-out tracks are very few, as it's the body of work which entices. You know you can rely on it to buoy your mood, or to tape off your angst. It has a purpose, it isn't mere decoration. Nor is the profoundly apocryphal or apocalyptic epic the press release announces. Apoplectic perhaps, but that's down to the vocals. It's apparently fuelled by anger, vengeance and such like, stirred with vindictive passions, but it sounds like a load of pretentious twaddle to me, because the vocals are delivered in that hushed whispery way, and often treated, which is supposed to represent something to someone. Okay, I found this all fairly diverting when Midnight Configuration did a nuclear version all those years ago but it's something you soon tire of, and when half the bands around are still doing it I regard it as amusing more than anything. Talk, or sing, depending on your ability but when opting for shadowy ominous presence you're more than likely to fall on your face. Nothing sounds believable. Right, that gripe over, the rest is praise. I loved the way that not one song was dominated either by a crunching, stolid beat, or a repetitive synth pattern. There's always something else to soften the blow, or sweeten the mix, and the gradual swirl of ingredients see the songs coalesce between sound and spirit. So "End Of The Lie" is low on excitement, being slow and bubbling, but the subtlety involved keeps you hooked, and "Blind Faith" with its wheezy church organ could be a clicheacute; but nothing is deadened, all is lively. Drum 'n' Baseless accusations almost take "Build Them Up" into saucy Moby territory but then the murky mood moves in, and "Lost In Sleep" which is almost poppy has a languid, maudlin air of detachment to keep it credible. When they do hit a commercial accident, with club dancey "Vital Signs" it all seems perfectly natural, and any hint of trying to be populist is comprehensively ruined by fatuous vocal dramatics. It's a delightfully grubby little bugger, and if you play it backwards I'll warrant it'd sound ever bit as good. - Mick Mercer

HARD WIRED (English)

From the start with this album, I was of the mind that what we have here is another run of the mill EBM offering, from yet another band straight out of the Decoded Feedback/Flesh Field etc. stable. The first track ("No Hope No Desire") doing nothing to ignite a spark of enthusiasm, with it's predictable beats and dark, husky male fronted vocals. We've all heard this before, and with this start, things did not look good for the rest of the album. But that's probably the only fault with this release, as the further in you progress, the better it gets, and only then do you get to see the diversity on offer here. The overall sound of the album is dark and moody, but with driving beats, giving it a very progressive and sinister edge - this is no more apparent than on the track "Death's Door". As the journey through this release continues, past such tracks like "Vital Signs" that start to change the path the album is taking with some lighter beats, and distant vocals, you start to realise the diversity of this album, and notice that what started out as a possible EBM clone, is really capable of standing up on its' own two feet, and making a direction for itself. True, the overall sound is dark, but it's not overpowering, and in the end, really listenable. Track seven, "Build Them up Let them Fall" hints at some VNV influences, adding another dimension to the music. The best track on the album has to be "Lost In Sleep", which should be recognisable to most club goers, with its much lighter and upbeat sound - this could almost be by another band as it stands apart from most other tracks on the album. Very nice! My question would have to be why it is buried so far into the album's track listing - given its accessibility, this track should have been the first or second one on the album. Oh did I mention the Clan Of Xymox link? Jesus Complex is the project of Damon Fries, soundman for Xymox. This is apparent in the sound on this album. Nice. So there you have it, from an album that is slow out of the starting blocks, we have a release here that can hold its own with the best of them. Definitely worth getting. Keith Elcombe 3.5/4


Nieuw van onder de tulipbollen en sativa-kamerplanten wggeritst debuut van een Nederlandse Amerikaan, of is het andersom? Speelt geen film, we noemen hem vanaf nu Nederlander, want hij wil er eigenlijk niet veel meer te maken hebben met zijn vaderland, de VS. Naar eigen zeggen wegens de buitensporige en hypocriete cultuur aldaar, vertrok Damon Fries uit Frisco om zijn intrek te nemen in wat zijn moet, de geurigste stad ter wereld, Amsterdam. Hij is zich beginnen wentelen tussen de geluiden van Clan of Xymox, als technicus van dienst. En dat hij zelf neige geluiden kan creeren, bewijst hij ontengensprekelijk met "I Woke Up Dead". Krachtig electronisch gebrouwen in een ultradonkere waas, zoals de hedendaagse gothic kan klinken, is dit potentieel voor menig duistere dansvloer waar electro en gothic fanaat mekaar in bescherming nemen onder elkaars mantel. Bezie het als een ode aan de scene, de perfect symbiose van de genoemde genres. De titeltrack en zinsneden uit de lyrics zoals "hearing the knocking, the knocking on death's door," "But no grave can hold me," en "Nothing can hurt you when you're dead" verraden welke sinistere sfeer er aan de basis ligt inhoudelijk. Auditief worden we getrakteerd op gejaagde electrodeunen en snedige gitaaruithalen. De rauwe, vervormde vocalen geven het geheel een industrieel karakter. Uitgezonderd "Lost In Sleep" dat de hete adem van Clan Of Xymox in zijn nek voelt, maar dat valt simpel uit te leggen als men weet wie zijn typische daartoe verleende: Ronny Moorings, die trouwens in de live bezetting achter de toetsen staat. En gelijk wil ik jullie verklappen dat we dit tijdens de derde editie van The Event live ook zullen mogen meemaken. Grijp deze kans om jezelf er van te overtuigen dat deze bespreking niet zomaar een onheilspellend voorsteken is! Ik kijk nu al hoopvol uit naar de komst van de eerste telg uit de familie van Boudoir, nog een ander project van de heer Fries. "I Woke Up Dead" bewijst tot wat de man in staat is. Dat er geen kruid tegen gewassen.


Jesus Complex record under Xymox in The Netherlands, however their style is far closer to Wumpscut. Tracks are sinister with the same pounding fervour as in Embryodead and gets darker the further into the album, "I Woke Up Dead", you dare to listen. I particularly liked the use of horror-style tones in "Death's Door" that really sends goosebumps down your neck!


Clan Of Xymox fans will want to sit up and take notice of this little beauty as will fans of dark angry electro as this debut from Jesus Complex AKA Damon Fries (member of Boudoir and live member of The Clan) effortlessly traverses both styles. The adopted name is all the more intriguing as Damon is an ordained priest although I don't know what his superiors will make of this as it's not one for the faint hearted. "Blind Faith" for one is a potentially provocative title and the mad rant that opens the track is an adequate testimony to religious zealotry. True, the opening "No Hope No Desire" does have several 'future pop' leanings but the darkness is never far behind. This feel in unison with effected harsh vocals comes across not unlike a cross between Suicide Commando and new band Nature Destroyed although when a more straightforard 'future pop' style is tried, as on "Vital Signs" and "Lost In Sleep" it's hard to avoid the feeling that this is not Jesus Complex's forte. There's nothing actually wrong with them (on the contrary, they're very enjoyable when judged solely on their own merits) it's just that, in comparison to the hard hitting duo of "Build Them Up Let Them Fall" and "Field Of Light" (both of which boast some SC similarities) or the slow and haunting "Nothing Can Hurt You" there is a definate lack of intensity, a feeling that something is missing. This latter track reminds me of a more electronic Girls Under Glass and serves as testiment to Damon's abilities as it unfolds at just the right pace to reveal it's full dark splendour. Similarly the brilliant guitar effects and violin work that grace the superb "Death's Door" show Damon's goth connections coming to the fore and if he can develop this mixture on future releases then we'll have something really special to look forward to. As it is, though "You Must Die" ends the album on a rocky hi-octane highpoint. The title might sound like a Wumpscut track and the music follows Rudy R's apocalyptic style, albeit on a more rocky hi-octane powered note. From what I can make out this album has received a rather mixed press which is a suprise as I found it a fine release that reveals more each time it is played and that, my friends, can only be a good thing! RATING: 8 - Carl Jenkinson


Although the name will doubtless be new to you it is in fact the project from Damon Fries, best known as a live member of Clan Of Xymox. The dark cover gives a good idea of the music to be found on this dark, angry & haunting debut & although there a number of gothic touches to be found this is pure dark electro. The advantages of this approach manifest themselves mainly in the complex & multi-layered tracks that in the case of "End Of The Line" which doesn't seem to promise much initially is able to build to a totally unexpected but excellent & rousing finale. The violin on the excellent "Death's Door" (which also boasts some excellent guitar effects) & the equally superb "Nothing Can Lure You", a slower but darkly atmospheric piece that simply oozes style show Fries' goth influences more clearly & proves that he knows his stuff, this is not the sort of thing any amateur dabbler can do. "Vital Signs" & "Lost In Sleep" (which also has guests vocals from The Clan's Ronny Moorings) are more future pop orientated & while there's nothing specifically wrong with them they do seem to lack something that most bands in this style possess. Far better is when they mix these influences into a darker style as they do on the closing "You Must Die". A faster rockier piece that bears a resemblance to Wumpscut & to a lesser extent Suicide Commando (the harsh effected vocals are used throughout the album). Although it might not seem anything special to start with it greatly improves upon further listens, gradually revealing it's full potential so perseverence on the listener's part is a definate bonus in this case. - Carl Jenkinson


Das Projekt "Jesus Complex" von Damon Fries (Live Soundman von Clan Of Xymox und Gitarrist von Boudoir) beschert uns mit dem Album "I woke up dead" ein EBM/Industrial-Spektakel erster Gute. Damon Fries verliess 1998 seine Heimat San Francisco um nach Amsterdam zu ziehen, da er die Oberflachlichkeit der Gesellschaft in seinem Heimatland nicht mehr ertragen konnte. "I woke up dead" glanzt, inspiriert von Horror, Angst, Tod, Verzweiflung und Rache, uber 10 Songs hinweg durch eine dustere und tanzbare Athmosphare. Deutlich horbar ist, dass die Musik von Damon Fries durch von fruhen Grossen der Szene gepragt wurde. Viele von Euch werden sich denken "Das klingt sicher altbacken oder wie ein billiges Plagiat". Aber ich kann Euch beruhigen, das tut es nicht. Die notige Abwechslung erreicht der "Jesus Complex" durch immer wieder eingestreute E-Gitarren, den zum Teil weiblichen Gesang und reichlich "moderne" Stilmittel. Der Opener "No Hope No Desire" erinnert mich in seiner Melodiefuhrung stark an Suicide Commando, was keinesfalls negativ gemeint ist, wahrend bei "Blind Faith" sakrale Orgelklange und stark verzerrte Vocals im Vordergrund stehen. Mit "Death's Door" hat man hier einen echten Kracher erschaffen. Fette treibende Basse treffen hier auf krachende Gitarren und vermischen sich mit den Klangen einer standig prasenten Geige... sehr abgefahren !!! "End Of The Line" dagegen geht in Sachen Harte nicht ganz so sehr zu sehr zur Sache, fasziniert aber durch die dustere und bedruckende Stimmung. Der Wave-lastige Song "Vital Signs" ist dann wieder einer der Tracks, die mit Sicherheit im einen oder anderen Club zum Einsatz kommen konnten. Das Stuck "Nothing Can Hurt You" wartet mit einem regelrecht hypnotisierenden Beat und ebensolchen weiblichen Vocals auf und "Build 'Em Up And Let Them Fall" lasst einerseits wieder an Suicide Commando denken, der durch Vocoder verzerrte Gesang erinnert dagegen eher an aktuelle FuturePop Songs. "Fields Of Light" ist meiner Meinung etwas zu flach ausgefallen. Es fehlt hier im Gegensatz zu den anderen Songs auf "I woke up dead" das Besondere. Ein wenig aus dem Rahmen fallt der Song "Lost In Sleep", der fast schon als FuturePop bezeichnet werden konnte. Hier hat man sich ubrigens Ronny Moorings (Clan Of Xymox) als Gastsanger hinzugeholt. Auch hier hat Damon Fries einen absolut clubtauglichen Hit erschaffen. Das Schlusslicht dieses Meisterwerks bildet "You Must Die". Dieser letzte Track wummert mir leider etwas zu eintonig aus den Boxen entgegen. Abgesehen also von 2 etwas schwacheren Stucken haben wir es hier mit einem brillianten Album zu tun. Eine grossartige Scheibe, die zwar den Spirit der fruhen "Industrialbewegung" zu transportieren vermag, die aber auch ausgesprochen frisch daher kommt und sich einer ganzen Menge "moderner" Stilmittel bedient.
JESUS COMPLEX 4 PRESIDENT !!! ;) - cybergoth

ORKUS (German)

Damon Fries ist nicht nur Live-Soundman fur Clan of Xymox und Gitarrist bei Boudoir, mit Jesus Complex stellt er sein eigenes Projekt auf die Beine. Auf den zehn Tracks des Albums kann von Oberflachlichkeit oder Eintonigkeit absolut keine Rede sein. Es beinhaltet sehr geilen EBM mit allem, was man braucht: tanzbar, atmospharisch, abwechslungsreich und duster. Die Songs behandeln die Themen Horror, Angst, Tod und Verzweiflung. Neben dem Opener "No Hope No Desire", der ein echter Burner ist, ist mein personichler Lieblingstrack "Death's Door", weil er mit seinem brutalen Bass, den flirrenden Geigen und Damon Fries' flusternder Stimme einfach den Soundtrack zu den Pforten des Wahnsinns liefert. Nicht das ich da schon einmal gestanden hatte. Auch "Vital Signs" mit Seinen leichten Xylophonklangen, die such wiederum mit einer harten Basslinie vereinen, ist ein echter Hinhorer. Dem Stuck "Lost In Sleep" leiht Ronny Moorings von Clan of Xymox als Gastsanger seine Stimme, was fur den einen oder anderen bestimmt Grund genug ist, in die Platte hineinzuhoren. (9) - Martina Stephany

SIDE LINE(Belgian)

I've urgently to revise my lessons and books in psychology in search of the Jesus Complex-meaning! In the meantime, I discover the musical content of this project set up by Damon Fries (known as guitarist of BOUDOIR and sound engineer of Clan of Xymox). Indeed, this is another friend of Clan of Xymox, which explains the guest appearance of Ronny Moorings on the "Lost In Sleep" song. I really enjoy this album, which started in a very melodious and poppy way with the "No Hope No Desire" song. The melody line reminds me to the album of Kramm while the mood hides a dark gothic aspect. The whispering and a bit distorted way of singing accentuates this somber atmosphere, creating a kind of mystery. This is probably the only way to keep the gothic legacy alive...mixing the gothic moods with clear and forceful electronic arrangements. JC does it with brilliance on pieces like "Blind Faith" and "Death's Door". While the themes are darker than the night, the music shines like the light through this darkness! Songs like "Fields of Light" and "Nothing Can Hurt You" are the apotheosis and absolute masterpieces! The modern gothic style becomes a ressurection that hits the listener and will conquer dancefloors! JC sounds like a cry of hope in the stagnating gothic the death will suddenly wake up and dance to a modern sound! Pretty cool! -DP


Sicherlich wird mit diesem Album kein neues Genre erfunden, aber es ist immer wieder erstaunlich und erbaulich, wie aus schon bekannten Elementen etwas erwachst, das fesselt und dem Schrei, der einem in der Seele steckt, eine adaquate aussere Gestalt neu zukommen lasst. Auf der Basis tuckemder EBM-Sequenzen, treibender straighter Beats und bisweilen hereinbrechender Gitarren-Kaskaden entwickelt Damon Fries alias Jesus Complex ein komplexes, dusteres Szenario des lang aufgestauten Zoms, der sich explosions-artig entladt. Dass su solch einer Basis fragile Facettten wie Synthesizer-Flachen hinzugegeben wereden, ist bestimmt nichts Aussergewohnliches. Allerdings sind gerade diese Flachen diese Gespensferstimmen von bestechendem Charakter. Sie flirren tanzelnd, unheimlich, betorend verstorend in eigenwilliger Verspeiltheit durch die Gehorgange - win besonders schonnes Beispeil hierfur ist der Song, "Death's Door". Ich hate mir allerdings noch mehr Stucke von der schweren Langsamkeit eines "Nothing Can Hurt You" gewunscht. "Lost In Sleep" von Ronny Moorings gesungen, bildet eine Ausnahme Melodioser als jeder andere Titel, entfaltet er spatestens beim zweiten Horen eine ungeahnte Ohrwurmqualitat. - Kym Gnuch

KRONIK- (Italian)

Un americano ad… Amsterdam! Una volta tanto, mi sento offeso dai miei stupidi preconcetti mentali, da quelle infime barriere che senza preavviso s’innalzano nei confronti di una band ancor prima di averla ascoltata, solamente perché… Questa circostanza mi ha irritato (e non poco), poiché mi ha fatto tradire la sindrome da San Tommaso che da sempre mi accompagna. Era stato sufficiente leggere il nome di Damon Fries per erigere castelli di sabbia, costruire inutili congetture. I Jesus Complex sono il solo-project del già citato Damon Fries, noto ai più per essere l’ingegnere del suono dei Clan Of Xymox piuttosto che il chitarrista dei Boudoir. Ed è proprio questo fatto che mi ha tratto in inganno. “I Woke Up Dead” è un disco nero, privo di luce, ossessivo ed opprimente che con i Clan Of Xymox ha pochi, anzi pochissimi, punti in comune se non nel pezzo “Lost In Sleep” in cui Roony Moorings presta la sua voce. Damon Fries, originario di San Francisco ma residente dal 1998 nella terra dei tulipani, ha creato un sound perverso, una sorta di dark-horror-electro-industrial. E’ veramente arduo fare dei paragoni con altre bands. I Jesus Complex mi hanno ricordato la disperazione degli Swartalf (specie nel cantato distorto) e qualcosa dei Frontline Assembly. Sicuramente siamo di fronte ad un disco fuori dagli schemi in cui melodie dance si amalgamano con influenze industriali ed il tutto viene arricchito da atmosfere horror, plumbee, malinconiche e disperate. Tuttavia manca un’omogeneità di fondo, infatti sebbene “Lost In Sleep” e “Nothing Can Hurt You” siano delle buone canzoni, risultano leggermente fuori contesto. Inoltre ci sono un paio di pezzi (tra cui “Vital Signs” e la scontata “Build Them Up Let Them Fall) non proprio convincenti o perlomeno non all’altezza della diabolica “Blind Faith” (caratterizzata da un sorprendente church organ), “Death Door’s”, “No Hope No Desire” e “You Must Die”. “I Woke Up Dead” è un disco che saprà dividere l’audience ed il voto è leggermente per eccesso.


In 1998 besluit Damon Fries te verhuizen van San Francisco naar Amsterdam. Naar verluid omdat hij zijn buik vol heeft van de Amerikaanse manier van leven. Eenmaal in Amsterdam begint Damon aan zijn eigen band Jesus Complex. Op dat moment heeft de multi-instrumentalist al ervaring als gitarist bij Boudoir en als geluidsman bij Clan of Xymox. 'I woke up dead' is het eerste album van Jesus Complex. Zoals de albumtitel en de cover al doen vermoeden hebben we hier niet te maken met muziek die als zomers kan worden omschreven. Alhoewel Jesus Complex best wel iets heeft van een zomerse onweersbui. Een heel erg stevige onweersbui wel te verstaan. 'I woke up dead' is namelijk een opjagend, meeslepend, droevig en triest album geworden. De electro beat die bij opener "No hope no desire" word ingezet verdwijnt bijna niet meer van het toneel. Bbij "End of the lie" wordt de beat even in een lagere versnelling gezet, maar echt tijd om bij te komen is er niet. Zie het eerder als een stilte voor de storm, want even later gaan alle remmen weer los en wederom vliegt Damon je naar de strot met zijn onheilspellende klanken. Op "Lost in sleep" wordt Damon nog bijgestaan door Clan of Xymox zanger Ronny Moorings. Een welkome afwisseling met de computergestuurde zang van Damon. "Lost in sleep" is dan ook een van de hoogtepunten van 'I woke up dead'. Maar het ware hoogtepunt is toch zonder twijfel het keiharde "You must die". Een electro / industrial song die werkelijk door merg en been gaat en waarvan het refrein je dagen later nog achtervolgt. Zeker niet geschikt voor zwakke zieltjes, maar zij die niet vies zijn van een potje Electro Gothic zullen vast blij zijn met Jesus Complex.


The Jesus Complex is the band of Damon Fries, guitarist in Boudoir and live soundman of Clan Of Xymox. Although he originally comes from San Francisco Damon now lives in Amsterdam. The music however still got an American touch. "I Woke Up Dead" is an album filled with dark industrial with a link to an act like Frontline Assembly. Jesus Complex is however wider oriented than this. The music stays extremely dark, but what can you expect if topics like horror, death, despair and revenge are the inspiration to create this music. Damon Fries shows that it's possible to produce a mix of danceable, accessible, but intellectual industrial. Every song got something that surprises or is recognisable for that song. "Blind Faith" contains a sound like a church organ, "Death's Door" has a singing violin sound, the combination of the distorted voice of Damon and the lovely, floating female voice during "Nothing Can Hurt You", the lively beats on "Build Them Up Let Them Fall", the threatening whispering voice during "Fields Of Light", the single material during "Lost In Sleep" with the voice of Ronny Moorings (Clan Of Xymox) and the up tempo and repeating during "You Must Die". The only negative words could be that "End Of The Lie" and "Vital Signs" are too much inspired by the earlier mentioned band. Still, "I Woke Up Dead" proves to be an acquisition of the crowded world of darkelectro and industrial. This is a frightening good record. 8.5/10


New addition to the family of cult Dutch label Pandaimonum. Creator and only participant in project Jesus Complex, as well as, the guitarist of group Boudouir Damon Fries, decided to tell to entire world about his fears, sufferings, pain of losses, incinerating thirst of vengeance, danger in life and to the inevitability of death, selecting for this the most suitable musical forms - darkwave, EBM and synth-gothic. As a result came out poisonous rhythmical substance for darkest dance floors, full of gloomy pail patrons dressed in black. Album starts by the rigid staccato of the distorted processions and by the pulsating sinth-rithms, which together perform the role of the fishhook, after falling on which, listener no longer is detached from the record to its completion itself. The obvious orientation of album to the clubs does not indicate that it will be badly received under the household conditions - repeated tests showed reverse. If we draw some musical parallels, then nearest of all to Jesus Complex will stand, of course, Clan of Xymox - and track Lost In sleep, with Ronny Moorings in the role of the invited vocalist generally it sounds as the typical Xymox thing of the late period. Also, we can speak about the influence on the musician of works by Klausa Leather strip Larsen, which is most noticeable in the Damon's vocal manner. Considering all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that before us is a strong, well perfumed debut of a promising musician, interring creative road, and requiring fixed attention from the audience not prejudice against new names in the dark-scene.